Fixtures 2016/17

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Fixtures for week: Dec 5th, 2016

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Division 1

Tue 06 Dec Marlborough B v Upton
Wed 07 Dec Drayton A v Letcombe A
Wed 07 Dec RAL A v RAL B
Thu 08 Dec Marlborough C v Moreton A
Thu 08 Dec Marlborough D v Marlborough A

Division 2

Tue 06 Dec Drayton B v Moreton B
Wed 07 Dec Drayton C v Wallingford A
Thu 08 Dec Sutton B v RAL C
Thu 08 Dec Sutton A v Moreton C

Division 3

Wed 07 Dec Abingdon C v Letcombe B
Thu 08 Dec Grove A v Marlborough E
Thu 08 Dec Sutton C v Drayton D
Fri 09 Dec Wallingford B v Hanney A
Fri 09 Dec Abingdon B v RAL D

Division 4

Tue 06 Dec Drayton G v Drayton F
Thu 08 Dec Letcombe C v Drayton E
Fri 09 Dec Moreton D v Marlborough G

Division 5

Wed 07 Dec Abingdon D v Sandford A
Fri 09 Dec Moreton E v Hanney B