TieTalk 2018/19

Week 8

After skipping a week for the divisional championships, the Didcot league is now back in full swing. Marlborough C managed a draw with Letcombe thanks to a maximum from Ray Powell, the first match he has played in this season and giving Richard Taylor a rare defeat. Meanwhile Marlborough A managed a 7-3 win over RAL B thanks to a maximum from Greg Donovan and continued their success in winning all the doubles matches they have played this season. The top v bottom match saw Upton suffer their third consecutive 10-0 defeat to RAL A, albeit with a weakened side. This leaves RAL A threatening to run away with division 1.

In division 2 a maximum from Stuart Pringle enabled Abingdon A to overcome the previously undefeated Moreton B side 7-3 and move into second in the table. The all Drayton clash saw the C side take the honours despite a maximum for Steve Gardiner in a losing cause for Drayton B. Matt Isherwoods maximum for Moreton C could not stop a loss to Sutton B. Sutton B had a busy week as they then managed a fine draw with RAL C thanks to a maximum from Claudiu Silaghi. The top four places in division 2 are now only separated by 2 points.

In division 3 Letcombe B consolidated their lead at the top of the table with a 6-4 win over Sutton C thanks to a maximum from Duncan Vale, although the match was close and only victory in the doubles win confirmed the win. Marcus Garmanís maximum helped his side to an 8-2 win over a 2 man Abingdon C side and Keith Jepsonís maximum helped Marlborough E make it a bad week for the Abingdon teams with a 6-4 win over the Abingdon B side.

In division 4 this week all the matches were close run affairs. Robbie Greenfieldís maximum helped the Drayton G beat Drayton F 7-3 whilst veteran Roger Templemannís maximum helped Moreton D to a 6-4 win over Marlborough F. Drayton F had a busy week going on to beat the Drayton E side 6-4, again thanks to a maximum from Robbie Greenfield.

There was only one match in division 5 this week which was a 10-0 rout for Hanney B over Sandford B.


Div 1: Marlborough B 7 (P Haycock 3, J Lovelock 3), Drayton A 3; Moreton A 8 (C Lane 3, H Patel 3), Marlborough D 2; Letcombe A 5, Marlborough C 5 (R Powell 3); RAL B 3, Marlborough A 7 (G Donovan 3); Upton 0, RAL A 10 (C Lansley 3, N Hurford 3, C Smith 3).

Div 2: Wallingford A 2, Sutton A 8 (T Elford 3, J Lin 3); Moreton B 3, Abingdon A 7 (S Pringle 3); RAL C 5, Sutton B 5 (C Silaghi 3); Drayton B 3 (S Gardner 3), Drayton C 7; Moreton C 4 (M Isherwood 3), Sutton B 6.

Div 3: Drayton D 9 (R Stocker 3, C Lowry 3), Wallingford B 1; RAL D 2, Hanney A 8 (B Anstis 3); Grove A 8 (M Garman 3), Abingdon C 2; Marlborough E 6 (K Jepson 3), Abingdon B 4; Letcombe B 6 (D Vale 3), Sutton C 4.

Div 4: Drayton G 7, Drayton F 3 (R Greenfield 3); Moreton D 6 (R Templeman 3), Marlborough F 4; Drayton E 4, Drayton F 6 (R Greenfield 3).

Div 5: Sandford B 0, Hanney B 10 (D Stepney 3, S Taylor 3, P Browning 3).

by Owen Brazell

5th Dec 2016