TieTalk 2018/19

Week 6

In division 1 a fine maximum from Richard Taylor enabled Letcombe A to sneak a 6-4 over Moreton A. Letcombe were also helped by the return of Ian Mead to the Didcot league after an absence of 25 years. Neil Cartwright’s maximum was not enough to stop Marlborough C going down 4-6 to Marlborough A. Marlborough B’s good start to the season seems to have faded somewhat. Anders Markvardsen’s maximum helped RAL B to a much needed win over the bottom side Marlborough G. RAL A seem to be running away at the top of division 1 although their nearest challengers have games in hand.

In division 2 Stuart Pringles maximum helped Abingdon A to a 6-4 win in a tight match over Drayton C. Moreton B continued their winning run to top the division with a 7-3 win over a strong RAL C side.

In division 3 Luis Costa’s maximum helped RAL D to a draw with Wallingford B despite RAL D having points deducted for fielding an ineligible player. Duncan Vale’s maximum also helped Letcombe B to a draw with Drayton D and in the all Abingdon matchup Pat O’Regan’s maximum helped lift the C team over the B team. Gavin Bosse’s maximum helped Sutton C to a 7-3 win over Grove A. Hanney A still top the division but Letcombe B are close behind them.

In division 4 Letcombe C had poor week losing narrowly to Marlborough F, but then getting thumped by division leaders Drayton G. Bottom side Drayton E were well beaten by Marlborough G thanks to a maximum from Steve Cobrin. The only downside in Drayton G’s 9-1 win over Moreton D was the loss of Mike Russells 100% record.

The only match in division 5 this week saw top side Sandford B win 7-3 over Abingdon D thanks to a maximum from Joe Rolls, this despite Abingdon winning their first doubles of the season.


Div 1: Letcombe A 6 (R Taylor 3), Moreton A 4; Drayton A 1, RAL A 9 (K Bushell 3, N Hurford 3); Marlborough B 4 (N Cartwright 3), Marlborough C 6; RAL B 7 (A Markvardsen 3), Marlborough D 3; Upton 0, Marlborough A 10 (N Taylor 3, G Donovan 3, A Noke 3).

Div 2: Moreton B 7, RAL C 3; Drayton C 4, Abingdon A 6 (S Pringle 3).

Div 3: RAL D 5 (L Costa 3), Wallingford B 5; Grove A 3, Sutton C 7 (G Bosse 3); Letcombe B 5 (D Vale 3), Drayton D 5; Abingdon C 7 (P O’Regan 3), Abingdon B 3.

Div 4: Marlborough F 6 (D Langton 3, M Chambers 3), Letcombe C 4; Moreton D 1, Drayton G 9 (R Mihalache 3, M Addison 3); Marlborough G 8 (S Cobrin 3), Drayton E 2; Drayton G 9 (M Addison 3, M Russell 3), Letcombe C 1.

Div 5: Abingdon D 3, Sandford B 7 (J Rolls 3).

by Owen Brazell

14th Nov 2016