TieTalk 2018/19

Week 5

In division 1 a fine maximum from Richard Taylor along with a win in the doubles enabled Letcombe A to get a draw in a tight fought match with RAL B. Some surprisingly one sided matches as well in the division with Marlborough D losing 10-0 to RAL A and Marlborough C beating Drayton A 10 -0 for whom even Mathew Davis could not register a win. This leaves RAL A building a commanding lead at the top of division 1.

In division 2 Kevin Liquorish continues his fine form as RAL C beat Drayton B 9-1. Stuart Pringles maximum for a weakened Abingdon A side meant that they managed a draw with Sutton B. Drayton C managed to beat Wallingford A despite a maximum for Jason Turner for Wallingford in a losing cause. It was only the doubles win that saw Drayton home in this marathon. Wallingford had better luck in their second match in the week where a maximum for Arthur Chilvers saw them beat Moreton C 7-3. Despite this loss Moreton C are still top of division 2.

In division 3 a maximum for Bob Humphreys as well as a win in the doubles saw Marlborough E home 6-4 against Drayton D. Marin Jedrzejowski’s maximum could not help Wallingford B as they went down to Abingdon B. Hanney A managed to beat local rivals Grove A with the Anstis family team again coming out on top. This leaves Hanney A top of division 3.

In division 4 Trevor Browns maximum and a win in the doubles helped Letcombe C to a 5 all draw against Moreton D. Letcombe however continue their flirtation with the relegation places that they only just managed to avoid last season. Marlborough G appear to be making the early running atop division 4.

In division 5 Peter Browning’s maximum could not help Hanney B as they went down 6-4 to Sandford A. The other matches in division 5 were relatively ones sided affairs.


Div 1: Marlborough D 0, RAL A 10 (C Lansley 3, N Hurford 3, C Smith 3); Marlborough C 10 (N Richardson 3, T Brown 3, J Lawrence 3), Drayton A 0; RAL B 5, Letcombe A 5 (R Taylor 3); Moreton A 9 (C Lane 3, P Cheong 3), Upton 1.

Div 2: Sutton A 5, Drayton C 5; Sutton B 5, Abingdon A 5 (S Pringle 3); RAL C 9 (T Griffin 3, K Liquorish 3), Drayton B 1; Moreton C 1, Moreton B 9 (T Raby 3, T Stanmore 3); Drayton C 6, Wallingford A 4 (J Turner 3); Wallingford A 7 (A Chilvers 3), Moreton C 3.

Div 3: Drayton D 4, Marlborough E 6 (B Humphreys 3); Wallingford B 4 (M Jedrzejowski 3), Abingdon B 6; Hanney A 8 (A Anstis 3, B Anstis 3), Grove A 2; RAL D 7 (T Pett 3, L Costa 3), Letcombe B 3.

Div 4: Drayton F 2, Marlborough F 8 (L Sheppard 3); Letcombe C 5 (T Brown 3), Moreton D 5; Drayton E 1, Drayton G 9 (R Mihalache 3, M Russell 3).

Div 5: Hanney B 4 (P Browning 3), Sandford A 6; Grove B 8 (J Buckley 3, T Hamilton 3), Abingdon D 2; Sandford B 7 (M Morbey 3, J Rolls 3), Moreton E 3.

by Owen Brazell

7th Nov 2016