TieTalk 2018/19

Week 4

In Division 1 the newly promoted teams finally got some wins. Upton got their first ever win in division 1 beating a depleted RAL B side despite a maximum from Geoff Burton in a losing cause and Marlborough D put up a good fight before going down to Letcombe A thanks to a maximum from Richard Taylor of Letcombe. Kark Bushellís appearance for RAL A allowed them to beat Marlborough A quite comfortably. Greg Donovanís first maximum of the season lifted Marlborough A to a comfortable win over Drayton A. This leaves the top of division 1 very tightly contested with RAL A taking the top spot. Stuart Pringleís maximum lifted Abingdon A to a 6-4 win over a two man Sutton A side. Kevin Liquorish continues his fine form for RAL C and his maximum got a draw for RAL C in a very close game with Drayton C.

Wallingford recorded their first win in division 2 with a 7-3 win over Sutton C despite a maximum from Claudiu SIlaghi for the losing team. This may be due to them signing up veteran Arthur Chilvers who returns to the Didcot league after a 20 year absence. Scott Mull recorded a maximum for Drayton C in their win over Moreton C. This again leaves the top of division 2 very tightly contested with Moreton B holding top spot.

In Division 3 Hanney A seem to have picked up the winning habit crushing Abingdon C with all the Anstis family chipping in. Grove A had a fine draw with Drayton D thanks to a maximum from Marcus Garman. Letcombe B had a fine 7 -3 win over Wallingford B thanks to a maximum from Duncan Vale. This leaves Hanney A currently top of division 3.

Division 4 saw a couple of very one sided matches both going 9-1 . Marlborough F saving a point against their colleagues by winning the doubles to save a clean sweep.

In division 5 it was only a win at deuce in the 5th in the doubles match that lifted Hanney B over Abingdon D. Tina Hamiltonís maximum helped Grove B over Moreton E. In a busy week for Grove B they were able to win over Sandford B despite a maxi8mum in a losing cause from Mick Morbey of Sandford.


Div 1: Marlborough B 2, Moreton A 8 (C Lane 3, D Artene 3); Letcombe A 6 (R Taylor 3), Marlborough D 4; RAL A 8 (K Bushell 3, N Hurford 3), Marlborough C 2; Drayton A 2, Marlborough A 8 (G Donovan 3); Upton 6, RAL B 4 (G Burton 3).

Div 2: Abingdon A 6 (S Pringle 3), Sutton A 4; Drayton C 5, RAL C 5 (K Liquorish 3); Wallingford A 7, Sutton B 3 (C Silaghi 3); Drayton B 8 (S Muil 3), Moreton C 2.

Div 3: Abingdon B 3, Sutton C 7 (G Bosse 3); Abingdon C 1, Hanney A 9 (A Anstis 3, B Anstis 3); Grove A 5 (M Garman 3), Drayton D 5; Letcombe B 7 (D Vale 3), Wallingford B 3.

Div 4: Moreton D 9 (R Templeman 3, R Gopall 3), Drayton F 1; Marlborough F 1, Marlborough G 9 (P Sinclair 3, S Cobrin 3, L Johnson 3).

Div 5: Abingdon D 4, Hanney B 6; Moreton E 4, Grove B 6 (T Hamilton 3); Sandford B 4 (M Morbey 3), Grove B 6.

by Owen Brazell

31st Oct 2016