TieTalk 2018/19

Week 2

Not many matches in Division 1 this week but the standout performances were Richard Taylors maximum in a losing cause for Letcombe A as they went down 7-3 to early pacesetters Marlborough B and Charlie Lanes maximum, again in a losing cause, for Moreton A against RAL A.

Division 2 saw newly promoted Wallingford A continue their rocky start to life in the higher division with a 10-0 loss to Drayton B. Last year’s 3rd placed side Sutton B also had a rocky start losing 7-3 to Moreton B thanks to a maximum from Denise Weller for Moreton. Abingdon A got their season off to a good start with a 9-1 win over Moreton C helped by maximums from Stuart Pringle and Mike Aistrop.

All the matches in Division 3 were close this week. Robert Cowan’s maximum helped Abingdon B to a 6-4 win over Drayton D. Marcus Garman also had a maximum but in a losing cause for Grove A to Letcombe B. Hanney A continue to find life in D3 hard with a 7-3 loss to Sutton C for whom Gavin Bosse got a maximum.

Only two matches in Division 4 which were both 6-4 results. David Langton’s maximum being the deciding factor in Marlborough F’s win over Drayton E and Marc Addison helping Drayton G to a win over Marlborough G.

The only division 5 match saw Sandford A comfortable winners 8-2 against Moreton E thanks to maximums from substitute Mick Morbey and Brad Jessup.


Div 1: Drayton A 5, RAL B 5; Marlborough B 7, Letcombe A 3 (R Taylor 3); RAL A 7, Moreton A 3 (C Lane 3).

Div 2: Drayton B 10 (D Hudson 3, S Gardner 3, S Muil 3), Wallingford A 0; Sutton B 3, Moreton B 7 (D Weller 3); Abingdon A 9 (M Aistrop 3, S Pringle 3), Moreton C 1; Sutton A 5, RAL C 5.

Div 3: Abingdon B 6 (R Cowan 3), Drayton D 4; Abingdon C 4, RAL D 6; Wallingford B 4, Marlborough E 6 (B Humphreys 3); Sutton C 7 (G Bosse 3), Hanney A 3; Grove A 4 (M Garman 3), Letcombe B 6.

Div 4: Drayton E 4, Marlborough F 6 (D Langton 3); Drayton G 6 (M Addison 3), Marlborough G 4.

Div 5: Moreton E 2, Sandford A 8 (M Morbey 3, B Jessup 3).

by Owen Brazell

17th Oct 2016