Fixtures 2019/20

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Welcome to the fixture list for Drayton Dingos. This fixture list is generated automatically from the grid and matches are subject to rearrangement.

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Drayton Dingos

Division 3

Date Day Venue Opponent
25-Sep-19 Wed A Abingdon B
01-Oct-19 Tue H Moreton D
09-Oct-19 Wed A RAL Dragons
15-Oct-19 Tue H Marlborough Kestrels
23-Oct-19 Wed A Drayton Eagles
29-Oct-19 Tue H Abingdon Racketlon
07-Nov-19 Thu A Grove City
19-Nov-19 Tue H Sandford Misfits
25-Nov-19 Mon A Wallingford Sidespin
03-Dec-19 Tue H Abingdon B
12-Dec-19 Thu A Moreton D
14-Jan-20 Tue H RAL Dragons
23-Jan-20 Thu A Marlborough Kestrels
04-Feb-20 Tue H Drayton Eagles
14-Feb-20 Fri A Abingdon Racketlon
25-Feb-20 Tue H Grove City
04-Mar-20 Wed A Sandford Misfits
17-Mar-20 Tue H Wallingford Sidespin