Handicap Shield 2017/18

The Handicap Shield fixtures and results can be found on this Google Sheet. This will be kept up to date with results and group tables.

These are the documents entries will require for the competition.

Handicap Rules 2017/18 (PDF - 349KB)

Player Handicap Table v2.0 - 2nd Feb 2018

Scoresheet (PDF - 17KB)

Example of Completed Scoresheet (JPG - 82KB)

Handicap System Explanation (PDF - 30KB)

How are the handicaps calculated? (PDF - 16KB)

To view and print PDF files you will require Adobe Reader.

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Player Eligibility
Players must have played at least three league matches for their current registered team in the 17/18 season before they can play in the competition. Players can be issued a handicap number once they have played the qualifying number of matches. Any team playing an ineligible player will forfeit all matches in which he/she played.

Substitutes will be allowed from any division providing they have a handicap and are eligible to play, but teams wishing to field a sub MUST contact the opposing team captain on all counts of playing a sub to gain permission for them to play (not just players from a higher division). This rule is intended to prevent the shield becoming a Bidmead-type event. Players may sub twice only in the competition, and these substitutions will not count in the league.

Two-player Teams
If a team only has two players divide the sum of the two handicaps by two to get the team handicap. Each match against the 'dummy' 3rd player will end 44-0. If both teams have two players the match between the 'dummy' players will end 0-0. One-player teams are not permitted.