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Wed Jan 17 2018

Division 1
Drayton A 3 RAL A 7
 Hurford 3
A treble from Neil enabled RAL to take the honours. However it wasn't that straightforward with 4 matches going to 5 with two each to the teams.
Division 2
Drayton C 2 Drayton B 8
 R Hudson 3
Hudson Jnr was imperious winning all his in 3 games. David beat John in 5 from 2-1 down but lost in 4 to Kevin then beat Marc in 4. Kevin beat Scott in 3 straight and Scott took 4 to beat both Marc & John. The doubles was won in 4 games! Still a point for the C team was well deserved!
Division 3
RAL D 5 Drayton F 5
Pett 3
Division 4
Abingdon D 3 Moreton D 7
 Templeman 3
Sandford A 7 Sandford B 3
White 3

Tue Jan 16 2018

Division 1
Marlborough A 8 Abingdon A 2
Noke 3
Moreton B 2 Drayton A 8
 L Waddup 3
An enjoyable night with lots of open, enterprising table tennis played. Drayton play the game in the right spirit, so although they were much the better team, Moreton could take some satisfaction from the match. This was particularly true of Rafe Fleming, who impressed with his both his ability and his attitude
Division 2
Moreton C 5 Drayton C 5
Wu 3
With an 11:30 finish it was as close as the score suggests with the four 5 game matches split evenly between the teams. Ian Wu pulled out all the stops to register a maximum for the home team but could quite manage to inspire the doubles pair to take the extra point for the win. Kevin took a brace for the visitors and with the other 4 players taking one win a piece a draw was a fair result.
Upton 10 Sutton C 0
Talbot 3
Tripp 3
Isherwood 3
Upton started 2018 with a maximum win against lowly Sutton C but it could have been very different. After John opened the scoring with a win in three against Gavin Jim quickly went 2-0 down against Diddn before crawling his way back into it and winning in 5. The next two also went to 5, Matt beating Jack and Jim beating Gavin. Jack then unfortunately retired injured during the warm up against John before another five setter, Matt beating Diddn. John had now sat out 20 games and for over two hours but despatched Diddn in three. Matt completed his maximum in 4 against Gavin and Matt and John made sure of 6pts with a three set win in the doubles.
Division 4
Hanney 7 Drayton G 3
Frobisher 3
Moreton E 6 Marlborough F 4
Another late finish but Moreton just edging it over their more experienced rivals with four 5 game matches and 8 deuce games on the night. One of those deuce games saw Robert win over Derek 18-16 in the fifth and he would go on to register his first double. Jack continued his good form with another brace with Dennis and Matt producing similar figures for Marlborough. With a point resting on the doubles Jack and Robert came back from losing the first game 3-11 to take the win in 5 games 11-9, 11-9, 11-13, 12-10 - couldn't get much closer!

Wed Jan 10 2018

Division 3
RAL D 2 Wallingford A 8
 C Hasker 3
Turner 3

Tue Jan 09 2018

Division 4
Drayton G 8 Abingdon D 2
Cox 3
Blencowe 3
Close matches with Drayton just having the edge on the night.