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Doubles Percentages

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Team Division Played Home Away Total
Sandford Bees413100%100%100%
Moreton Mercurial312100%83%92%
Marlborough Hawks111100%83%91%
RAL Crusaders21383%86%85%
Letcombe B31367%86%77%
Marlborough Falcons21371%83%77%
Moreton A11283%67%75%
RAL Avengers11267%83%75%
Sandford Missfits41267%83%75%
Wallingford A21457%86%71%
Moreton Mavericks21371%67%69%
Grove City31271%60%67%
Sutton Lynxes21367%57%62%
Sutton All Saints31267%50%58%
RAL Atomics11150%60%55%
Letcombe Legends11233%67%50%
Letcombe C41243%60%50%
Marlborough Eagles11120%67%45%
Abingdon C41217%67%42%
Drayton Dazzlers21250%33%42%
Abingdon B21333%43%38%
Drayton Dashers41350%29%38%
Drayton Diamonds31357%17%38%
Marlborough Merlins41357%17%38%
Drayton Dingos31350%29%38%
Abingdon Racketlon31160%17%36%
Wallingford B31229%40%33%
RAL Dragons31250%17%33%
Drayton Dynamos41333%29%31%
Moreton D41343%17%31%
Moreton E41133%20%27%
Marlborough Kestrels31220%29%25%
Abingdon A21329%17%23%
Sandford Improbaballs21429%14%21%
Drayton Dragons1820%0%13%
Grove United2120%17%8%
Drayton Devils1100%0%0%
Upton Ultraviolets190%0%0%