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Doubles Percentages - 2009/10

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Team Division Played Home Away Total
Drayton A12080%100%90%
Letcombe C41878%89%83%
RAL C220100%60%80%
RAL A12070%90%80%
Upton B51878%78%78%
Abingdon E32080%70%75%
Moreton E51867%78%72%
BR Didcot F32060%80%70%
BR Didcot D22090%50%70%
BR Didcot A12070%70%70%
BR Didcot B12060%70%65%
Drayton E32060%70%65%
Sutton C32070%60%65%
RAL G51863%60%61%
Moreton D41867%56%61%
Sutton B22070%50%60%
RAL D32060%60%60%
Abingdon G41867%44%56%
Abingdon D32070%40%55%
Moreton C32040%60%50%
Howbery B22070%30%50%
Sutton A22060%40%50%
Drayton D22080%20%50%
Abingdon C22060%40%50%
BR Didcot C12050%40%45%
Sutton D41844%44%44%
Abingdon J51838%50%44%
Drayton G51860%25%44%
Moreton B22050%30%40%
Letcombe B32050%30%40%
Abingdon A12050%30%40%
Drayton F41833%44%39%
Moreton A12050%20%35%
Letcombe A12040%30%35%
RAL F41833%33%33%
Upton A22030%30%30%
Howbery A22030%30%30%
Drayton C22040%20%30%
RAL B12040%20%30%
BR Didcot E32040%20%30%
Abingdon I51820%38%28%
Letcombe D41833%22%28%
Drayton B12020%30%25%
Abingdon B12010%30%20%
RAL E32010%30%20%
Abingdon F32030%10%20%
Abingdon H41811%22%17%
Moreton F5180%0%0%